Laurie is a freelance illustrator living in vibrant Bristol, UK. She specialises in the children’s market and is currently illustrating her first book to be published with Ladybird, part of Penguin Random House.

Laurie is very proud to be represented by the fantastic Charlie Bowden of Pickled Ink illustration Agency. See Laurie’s artist page here


Laurie creates her artwork starting with trusty pencil and then colours entirely digitally. Paint was her preferred medium for years and the influence come through, giving her images a traditional look. Laurie says technology has developed over the last few years, thanks to Kyle’s T Webster’s brushes, Adobe Photoshop and also Wacom, enabling her to paint digitally with satisfaction.


In 2010, Laurie received a highly commended from the Macmillan Prize for her self written book. Later that year, she graduated from the University of the West of England with a First in BA (hons) illustration. Since graduating, Laurie has been a freelance illustrator and worked on a variety of jobs before returning to picture books.


Her most adventurous project was illustrating with Rusty Squid, a Bristol based studio for robotic art and design, which was filmed as a channel 4 documentary, ‘How to Build a Robot’ and screened in late 2017. She designed & illustrated robots and storyboards. She aided visual communication between the team, illustrating the plans from the designers for the engineers and software developers. Laurie also sketched to document the interactions between the public and the robots when tested out on the streets. Laurie has worked as a scribe, sometimes known as graphic facilitation, working with Scriberia and also inspiring educators in Bristol. Her illustration career has taken her to Russia, following an invitation to exhibit for the Apple Festival which takes place in a small town called Palekh, known famously for its painters.


In 2017, Laurie and a good illustrator friend, Joe Robinson Roberts, started meeting once a month with clear intent to talk about their aspirations and to set themselves achievable goals. These meetings acted like a map and Laurie followed the path to children’s picture books, first stop was Bologna Children’s Book fair. If you attended in 2018, you might have spotted Laurie wearing her networking hat. A small illustrated boat with detachable business cards dangling from lines.


Laurie maintains a sense of clarity by making time to run through Bristol’s iconic gorge. Years of working in bars and restaurants has proved valuable, in maintaining social connections into a career that can easily be isolating. She works from a studio that is shared with a handful of fantastic up-beat creative ladies. She lives with her husband, Ben Goodman, a skilled wood engraver, print maker and bookbinder. Laurie thinks it’s good to laugh and be silly and now she says sshhh.



© Laurie Stansfield Illustration