Laurie Stansfield is a professional freelance illustrator with a heart full of silliness. She lives in Bristol, UK.  She has always drawn and takes pride in sharing her services with the world.


It began with drawing on the living-room walls. Then in 2006, Laurie found her path in illustration while studying the Art & Design Foundation course at the University of the West of England. (UWE)

By and by, she graduated from UWE with a first class degree in BA Hons Illustration. Since 2010, she’s been freelancing on a range of jobs, enjoying life in Bristol & running by the river paths.


Laurie's illustrations have been published in children's picture books, workbooks & editorials. She has illustrated for companies developing their own products & also worked with visual documentation. She Scribes at conferences & aids visual communication within creative companies. She collaborates with community artists to document or add visuals to their projects. Her illustrations have taken her to Russia where she was invited to illustrate for Palekh's artist's festival, 'Apple Feast' in 2015.

Now, Laurie is branding herself as a commercial illustrator with a specialism in children's publishing.


Laurie’s images are energetic & full of character, appealing to both adults and children alike. Her images are created using a mix of traditional materials & digital processes.  She appreciates skilled drawing, confident line work & anything that brings a smile.


“Being an illustrator is real magic. I am constantly learning by drawing new things & developing techniques to solve problems. It is a way of life. I experience the world in an immensely visual way & every new perspective only shows me how fluid & unbound things are.”

© Laurie Stansfield illustration